About Us

Doriee handlooms, a company manufacturing handloom fabrics showcase an integral part of a Rich culture, heritage, and tradition of India. We are an endorsement to quality of handloom products in terms of processing, embellishments, weaving design, along with several social and environmental trustworthiness.

We ensure quality and compliance, promote production of high-end products, and facilitate marketing of organic and sustainable goods. We are proud that our brand provides a helping hand to empower women who are enthusiastic about handlooms, and dedicated to economic stability. We at Doriee, want to bring our successful, self-sustaining, and environment-friendly creations into your everyday lives. Join us in moving forward into a better future, a place of diversity and care.

Arundhati Mahadik

Mrs. Arundhati Dhananjay Mahadik (Director)

My work with Bhagirathi Mahila Sanstha has always been focused on empowering the less privileged in our society. I strongly believe that any business practice should have a sustainable viewpoint, whether it be their 5-year plan or a 50-year plan. Having said this, we have a similar vision for our brand named Doriee handlooms.

What makes me so proud is that we are able to provide selections of the highest quality because we employ people that have the right motivations. For me, Doriee has been a successful selection of a diverse group of women and artisans determined to put forth their best art. Just like any of my other enterprises, I am certain that the growth factor for Doriee is going to be our eco-friendly and organic model.We all have to do our part in making this world a better place, and we are putting our best foot forward

Mrs. Anjali Annasaheb Mohite (Director)

Mrs Anjali A Mohite is a qualified doctor in Ayurvedic medicine and also pursued MBA after joining family textile company in 1999. Currently she is Vice President of Abhishek corporation Ltd, director- mohite automobiles and in addition holds ownership at Apurva Garments founded in 2008 where the company identifies women’s empowerment as a priority.

She also indulges herself into organic farming since 10years. After being associated with the textile business for the over 20 years and successfully running garment unit Mrs.Mohite extends her hand in organic handloom fabrics. Doriee being her new venture she continues to work for a better future for women in and around the city & villages by providing training in her company and giving them job opportunities to fulfill their daily expenses.